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Glass Restoration:

With stunning results, the ridgwellGROUP offer an on-site glass repair service that is a genuine alternative to the costly replacement of damaged or vandalised glass.

In the past, glass restoration (polishing) was limited to the removal of only very fine surface scratches and often resulted in a visible distortion in the glass, known as ‘lensing’. RidgwellGROUP use modern technology which enables the removal of even severe scratches, acid graffiti, hard water stains and much more to gain remarkable results without causing any such distortion.

Windows, glass doors, glass furniture, tempered glass, architectural glass, shower doors, auto glass including buses, trains and tubes, new construction glass and acrylics can all be restored back to their original appearance.

Already widely favoured by major construction companies and specialist glazing installers, this method has time saving and cost effective benefits for all property owners, commercial and residential alike.